The most important task of the Foundation is to support the activities of the civil society aimed at stopping plans to build new opencast lignite mines in Poland, including assistance to non-governmental organizations, associations, ordinary residents opposing the construction of quarries fighting the negative effects of the operation of existing ones and promoting the development of energy systems based on renewable energy sources, energy efficiency and local self-sufficiency. 

Our goal is to protect and preserve the environment and the natural conditions of human life, improve the health and environmental education of the communities living next to existing or planned open-pit mines.. We want to promote the development of civil society and disseminate the institution of the referendum as a means of social dialogue and strengthened democracy. We will strive to help those who have suffered as a result of existing mines and natural disasters and to support initiatives to limit the negative effects of mineral exploitation on the environment and on physical and social infrastructure as well as maintaining and cultivating national and local heritage and culture. We intend to promote universal values ​​of tolerance, equality, freedom of expression, as well as respect for human rights and the civil liberties of ordinary citizens opposing the construction of quarries.

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