Tomasz Waśniewski

Tomasz Waśniewski

President of the Foundation

Co-founder of the Social Committee "STOP open pit mine" and the National Coalition "RT-ON". Founder.

Kuba Gogolewski

Jakub „Kuba” Gogolewski

Member of the Board of the Foundation

An economist who has worked in the international organization CEE Bankwatch Network and with Greenpeace Poland and engaged himself in the Programme for Climate of the Polish Green Network. He specializes in energy investments and their financing and the impact of socio-environmental changes in the energy sector.

Members of the Board

Waldemar Kwaśny

Waldemar Kwaśny

President of the Board 

Co-founder of the National Coalition „DY-OPMN" since 2011, one of the initiators of the largest successful, ie. valid and binding local referendum in the history of free Poland against plans to build a lignite mine on the brown coal deposit "Legnica". Local government, former Mayor of rural community Miłkowice, founder of Foundation "DY-OPMN".

Anna Drążkiewicz

Member of the Board

She joined the team in December 2014. She is responsible for media relations, web presence and acting as a spokesperson, among others. Pre­viously, she was working in com­munications within the environmental movement in Poland for more than four years. Ania holds a Masters in Political Science from University of Warsaw. Member of the Foundation Board from 2016.

Zbigniew Barski

Zbigniew Barski

Member of the Board

Mayor of the rural commune of Gubin.

Members of the Programme Board

Radosław Gawlik

Radosław Gawlik

President of the Programme Board

Vice-President of the Coalition "DY-OPMN", president of the Association „EKO-UNIA”.


Bartosz Kwiatkowski

Michał Wilczyński

dr Michał Wilczyński

Other Founders

Janusz Łucki

Vice-President of the Foundation

Spokesman for the Coalition, cultural activist, local government. Founder.

Andrzej Holdenmajer

Local government, ex-mayor of Ścinawa. Founder.

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