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Block Fossils Out

We have an unprecedented opportunity to build a cleaner, healthier, safer and fairer future for all, but we can only do it if fossil fuel companies join us and do their part. 

Some coal companies are giving themselves green makeovers, but even while making honest efforts with renewables, they remain the same dirty energy firms at heart, blocking policy progress, destroying people’s homes, and polluting our air and water. Others are dragging their feet even more, and not even discussing a phase out that protects people’s health, our climate, and their worker’s future. 

In the meantime, many financial institutions and investors continue to support them while they wreck the place for the rest of us. 

It’s not good enough. If they refuse to really change and reduce their carbon intensive businesses, then we have a right to block them out until they do. 

Install Block Fossils Out and send a message to these companies by blocking out their webpages, and telling them why their voices are no longer welcome. 

This browser extension currently blocks-out specific sites and pages of coal utilities in Germany, Poland, and Czech Republic, and finance companies across Europe. Coal is being prioritised as it is one of the worst offenders, and as phasing out coal plants in Europe by 2030 at the latest is the first and most important step to addressing the climate crisis. 

Block Fossils Out does not collect any personal information or browsing data. Each URL you visit is checked against a database in your browser alone, and beyond this we only collect basic, anonymised browser data available through the Chrome and Firefox stores. This includes the operating system and browser the extension is installed in, the country and language of install, and time of install.


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